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How to Know When Rear Brakes Need Replacement

Brake padsIf you are driving a used car, you will want to make sure your brakes are in working order. It is important to have your brakes repaired as soon as you notice that there may be a problem. By failing to act quickly at the first sign of a problem, a routine pad or drum replacement can turn into a more expensive repair that requires more repairs and additional parts. Even more, failure to repair your brakes can cause your brakes to fail when you least expect it. To learn more click here.


How To Replace a Windshield Wiper Arm

When you are searching through used cars in Olympia WA, small repairs such as a broken windshield wiper arm shouldn’t be a deal breaker. This type of repair is quite easy and windshield wiperinexpensive to fix yourself and is a useful thing to know how to do because it is a general maintenance repair for most cars. You may need to do replace a wiper arm if it has become bent or damaged from snow or ice, which is common during the winter in Olympia WA. Click here to learn

2015 Kia Forte Sedan – Let Technology Love You Back

The 2015 Kia Forte brings all the right2015 Kia Forte innovation together in a shockingly smooth bundle. Whatever preconceived notions you had about KIA in the past kindly take those thoughts, place them in a bucket and throw them in the trash.  Once you sit inside the Kia Forte you’ll know what we mean.

Let’s start with something as simple as the lights.  The Kia Forte’s exclusive LED positioning Lights and optional LED Taillights make the Forte stand out so much you’ll have to get used to turning heads around town. It’s Edge Approach Lighting and Door Handle Pocket Lights light up when you return to your Forte, making your car so much simpler to find in the dark. So simple, you might even take it for granted.

Looking for amenities?  The Forte was built for comfort. Steering-Wheel-Mounted Controls, Sunroof, Ventilated/heated Driver’s Seat, and heated steering wheel will make you wonder how you ever lived without them. With UVO e-services, an accessible informational/entertainment network, it’s easy to access music, make hands free calls, and so much more. You can even take advantage of Google Maps™, and use the e-services telephone application to send directions to your auto through your smartphone.

Believe us, we’ve thought out all the angles—however, should the unexpected happen, we’ve got you covered. From an intricate airbag design to a strengthened body style and new technology such as like the front dynamic headrests, you and your passengers’ safety our top priority in order for the 2015 KIA Forte to truly be a complete package.

Don’t believe us?  That’s okay; don’t take our word for it.  Take the 2015 KIA Forte for a test drive.  Not only will you change your mind about KIA, but you’ll probably want one for yourself afterwards.  Go ahead, we dare you.  Come take a test drive at the Olympia Auto Mall.  Our convenient location and knowledgeable staff are second to none.  If you are looking for new or used cars in Olympia WA come to the Olympia Auto Mall.

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