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New Car Technology Advancements

car technologyToday’s new cars offer more dynamic and cool features than ever before. Best of all, you can get these awesome new features at an excellent cost. Click the link to learn some of the newest features of vehicles available to Lakewood area residents through the Olympia Auto Mall.


How to Improve a Car’s Sound System

car stereoEvery car, truck, and SUV in all the car dealerships in the Lakewood area has just a handful of things in common. One is that they all have a sound system. A new owner could use a vehicle’s sound system for many things, such as listening to the radio, tuning in to a talk show, to hear an audio book being read, or even to sync with a mobile phone.

No matter the use, the most vehicles are likely to have a sound system straight from the factory floor than one that has been upgraded to the latest technology. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to improve a vehicle’s sound system to get the best sound possible. Click here to learn more…