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Got a Car to Sell? Know Your Stuff

For Sale

Selling a set of wheels?  Here are some tips and tricks to avoid getting taken for a ride.  Click here to read more…


Warranties- Are You Covered? Are you Sure?


Warranties – some folks feel they don’t need them and some can’t live without them?  Are they necessity or extravagance?  Click here and you be the judge…

Synthetic Versus Standard Motor Oil

motor oilStandard or synthetic motor oil.  Ever wonder which motor oil is best for your car?  Click on this link to learn more…


Stopping Distance – What You Don’t Know Could Kill You

Many of us realize stopping distances increase with bad weather.  But just how much?  Click here to find out…


Top Ten Car Myths for 2015

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Child Safety- Age and Weight Limits in WA

Think You Know What the Minimum Requirements are for the State of Washington?  Click the link to test your knowledge…


What to Do in an Emergency

Emergency situations can be scary to say the least.  Click here to learn more about what to do.