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Tips on how to keep vehicles working during hot weather


Hot Weather Tips - Olympia Auto MallHot weather usually spells heavy additional wear and tear on your vehicle. During seasonal periods with hot weather, people tend to run the air conditioning and travel more so than any other period during the year. Rather than have my summer road trip travel plans placed on hold due to some vehicular malfunction, I try to keep my vehicle in working condition, especially in preparation for the grueling hot weather of the summer.

Hot weather presents all sorts of challenges, but I like to prepare for these types of vehicular challenges by conducting some preventive maintenance. I usually do some of these preventive measures on my own, while I am certain to take a lot of the maintenance work to one of the nearby car dealerships in Tacoma WA for professional certified mechanics to complete and guarantee the work.

Tips for Hot Weather Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

Here are some tips on how to keep your vehicle in tip top shape during hot weather time periods:

  • Check fluid levels prior at the beginning of spring and prior to summer
    • Oil
    • Transmission fluid
    • Coolant
  • Check engine for leaks, drips and other damages requiring proper attention
  • Ensure that all tires have proper air pressure

Tips for Long Distance Driving in Hot Weather

In order to prepare for long distance driving such as summer road trips, here are some of my top suggestions for having one of the local car dealerships in Tacoma WA check and repair your vehicle prior to a road trip:

  • Radiator flush and refill
  • Air conditioning service package
  • Tire inspection and rotation (Replacement if necessary)
  • Oil system and transmission inspection (Refill fluids if necessary)
  • General road test and overall vehicle inspection

This should provide you with confidence for braving another hot summer with your vehicle intact and road ready. For more great summer travel tips and service, visit the great car dealerships at the Olympia Auto Mall, proudly serving Tacoma and surrounding areas.

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How to Protect a Windshield from Stones

broken_winshieldWhen stones kick up when you are driving, they can damage your windshield. Even the smallest stone can create a small crack in the windshield, which can lead to a much larger crack. There are a few steps that you can take to keep this from happening. Click here to learn more.